Being a Home Repair Business, we know stuff breaks. It usually breaks when you least expect it, and of course, you never need stuff to break.

It is inconvenient. It is going to cost you money. You will either have to fix it yourself or get someone to fix it. When you get the wrong someone to fix it, and maybe you are the wrong someone, you have to get someone else to fix it.
Home repair can involve different types of repair work. It also includes the diagnosis of problems, and even possible problems, and resolving the problems. Many of the repairs will fall under the (DIY) repairs that you probably can do yourself.

However, when the problem becomes too complicated, you will need a professional repairman. You will require the services of a qualified, certified, handyman. Repairs are not always seen as home-improvement, even though, the repairs can result in something better and then seen as an improvement.

Home repairs also cover a wide variety of things that can break, get damaged, and are worn, clogged, stained or dirty. It can include things on the building itself, inside or outside, and then things like furniture and appliances, anything that can break.

And that is what we do. Stuff breaks. And, we fix it. The first time fix will be the only fix you are going to need.