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Everything in a home has an expiry date.  Your home itself can have an expiry date, or to be more specific, the materials that form your home might need attention.  Some items are easier to replace, but, for the bigger things, you should ask yourself a few questions first before deciding on repairs and replacement.

The oven does not warm up, the freezer does not freeze anymore, the washing machine won’t spin and pump water, and so many more household machines can break down.  Fixing it might be expensive, but these major home appliances can have major prices which can cost you near an arm and a leg.

5 Questions to get answered before you can decide on replacing or repairing:

What will be the Cost of Repairs? If the cost to repair the appliance or item is more than 50% of the cost of a new one, you should rather consider replacing it.  It can happen that the model of the appliance is not on the market anymore, and replacing defective parts can become almost impossible.  You should still consider the logistics and costs of getting the new appliance delivered and install.

What is the Age of the Appliance? When an appliance reaches the halfway mark of its expected life-span, and the repair work will cost you more than half of the original price, you should consider replacing the appliance.

Infographic credit: One Hour AC

Can an Appliance become too old? When you think about replacing an older appliance, you can look at the expected, average year count for household appliances, for example:Dishwasher – 9 yearsDryer – 13 yearsFreezer – 11 years

Microwave – 9 years

Refrigerator – 13 years

These are only a few examples of appliances’ lifespan years.  The life-span can also be influenced by the amount of usage it had to endure, and also of regular maintenance.  When the appliance is still new when in need of repairs, you should check if it might still be under warranty.

Will better, regular maintenance, extends an Appliances’ life? Through adopting a regular maintenance practice, you can probably prolong the lifespan of an appliance.

Should I replace all Appliances when Changing the Style of my Home? When you need to replace an item and decided on a more modern look that will not fit your old style; you might think about replacing more than one item.  In this instance, it will be better to replace everything at once.  If you do it one by one, the first items changed might already be old again, when you replace the last ones.

With the questions answered, you can now make an informed decision on repair or replace.