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When you own your own home it will come in handy if you should have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to home repairs.  Some stuff that can break down in a home can be fixed by you.  To hire a handyman to fix something that will take only ten minutes, a screwdriver and a hammer can be costly.

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Tips on a few quick and easy Home Repairs:

Vinyl doors and windows that are difficult to operate: This can happen when dirt gets sticky where the door of window slides open and shut.  Even when cleaned it may still cause a problem.  Try spraying lubricant, dry PTFE spray lubricant, on all the points that makes contact and then wipe off with a cloth.  Do not use normal oil lubricants.  They gather dirt that can get sticky.

Fix wobbly pipes and showerheads: All these wobbly stuff needs is a few squirts of expanding foam.  The foam forms an encasing around the loose part and when drying expands and locks the pipe, etc. in place.  No more wobbling.

Keep wooden Cabinet doors closed: that cabinet or even closet door that like to hang open a bit, you can fix this by installing a magnetic door catch.  Easy to install, and it will keep the doors closed.

Get rid of Water stains on the Ceiling: Repainting the whole ceiling to cover one water-stain might not be necessary.  Before painting, try spraying the stained spot with a water and bleach solution.  (Solution should contain 10 % bleach)  Wait a day or more to see if it disappears.  When the stain is older, you might need a mildew and mould remover.

Use Dishwashing Liquid to Unclog a Toilet: When the toilet plunger is not getting the job done, try dishwashing liquid.  Use a ½ cup of the liquid soap and squirt it in the toilet bowl.  Let it sit for a while.  The soap will make the friction, less, and the contents of the bowl can slide down the pipe.

Try these few simple solutions to the Home Repairs that is giving you a headache.