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As a Home Repair Business, we employ qualified, professional handymen that will be able to perform any type of repair on your home and appliances.  We have teams of professionals that will be able to deal with your bigger home repairs, repairs that can even be seen as home-improvement.  And then we have handyman specialists that will assist you with smaller repairs and sometimes replacements.

Our Home Repair, Handyman, Services:

Obligation Free Quote

Before any repairs are done, we will do a cost analysis at your home, and we will provide you with an obligation free quotation.  When the quote is accepted, we can start immediately.  Our handymen and repair teams will have all and any tools and regular repair needs with them on arrival.

Indoor Home Repairs

Ceiling fans, doors, cupboards or cupboard doors, kitchen countertops, cracked tiles in bathroom or kitchen, paint, drywall, kitchen or bathroom faucets, flooring, carpets or wood repair or installation, garage door, light fixtures, all your plumbing needs, showerhead repair, sink repair, toilet repairs, window frame or glass repair, small electrical repairs, and more.  Anything that can break or need maintenance inside your home; we will fix it.

Electrical Appliance Repair

Microwave, cook-top, oven, dryer, dishwasher, freezer, fridge, garbage disposal, gas grill, Ice-maker, washing machine, and more.  All types of indoor appliances, even the sewing machine and the vacuum cleaner.

Outdoor Home Repairs

Gutter cleaning, gutter repair, painting, fencing, wrought iron-work, fascia and siding repair, and much more.  We also have a garden service that will put that into order.


All our repair work, maintenance, and reinstallation work come with a guarantee.

If you have any repair work or need advice on a repair project, contact us at for more information or to schedule a call-out for repair work.  You can also call us at Tel. No. : 410-235-8119 during office hours.